Safety Report

Safety Report

Humphrey McQueen- Framework of Flesh


Dogman Employment Windfall!

A number of incidents have occurred in Queensland and other parts of Australia in which serious injuries have resulted where the crane operator has left the crane’s cabin to sling their own loads or to supervise a trainee dogger.

Favco/Favelle table Update

 Hi members

Please download the following Favco/Favelle table update.

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Royce Kupsch

Swing Stage Media release

Charges laid over fatal failure of swing stage scaffold on Gold Coast high-rise

construction site. Please find PDF media release file below for more information.

Royce Kupsch 


Update On Favco table

 Hi Comrades

Please download the latest on the Favco and Favelle free fall summary 10/06/09

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Royce Kupsch

Favco/Favelle Certified Safety System

Favco/Favelle tower cranes have released a file containing information regarding the free fall issue.

The attached PDF file represents tower cranes in Queensland that have been fitted with a certified safety system to prevent a free fall failure of the hoist function. 

TADANO Fake Crane

 Dear All 

Recently we acknowledged some suspicious Tadano model cranes near Jabel Ali sea port.

After inspection these found chinese made fake cranes.

Please be aware of this dangerous situation. It is strongly requested to inform and educate valued

BLF Health & Safety Facts- Concretors

 Attention all Concreters please download the following attachment for the BLF Health and Safety Facts for Concreters. If you have any further question please contact Royce Kupsch on 0411636414 Thank you.

BLF Serious Injury & Fatality Policy

 Attention all workers please download the following attachment and receive our BLF Serious Injury & Fatality Policy. For any further information or questions please contact Royce Kupsch on 0411636414. Thank you.

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