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The last couple of months have been spent negotiating E B A. Whilst this has been a long drawn out process we now appear to be making greater inroads with the majority of form workers, steel fixers and scaffolders signed up. We still have a bit of work to do with a couple of scaffolding and stressing companies and this will now take place under the new industrial relations legislation. Hopefully by the next journal, we will have the majority of employers in all sectors signed up.

Ben Tye CSTC Training Officer New PINS Course

As Royce Kupsch has discussed in previous journals recent amendments to QLD’s Workplace Health and Safety Act have introduced a new tool in assisting workers to ensure that the health and safety of themselves and their fellow workers is not placed at risk; Provisional Improvement Notices (PINs). These notices are designed as formal record of a Qualified Workplace Health and Safety Representative’s (WHSR) effort to have an onsite safety issue resolved. For a WHS Rep to be “Qualified” to issue PINs they must have undertaken a training course which is specific to PINs.

David Hanna - Delegates Training

David Hanna talks about Delegate Training




Peter Roebig is the Managing Director of the Construction Skills Training Centre (CSTC).

He commenced in the position on 14 February 2005 replacing John Christian.

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